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Full-Arch Restoration

Add Confidence, Beauty, and Health to Your Smile

If you’re anywhere in South Carolina’s Lowcountry and struggle with missing teeth, or if you have a smile that you feel you have to hide from others, you may be a candidate for a full-arch restoration. This procedure is sometimes called Same Day Smile because we really can help you achieve a brand new smile in just one day.

Board-certified surgeon Dr. Matthew Barefoot practices the full scope of expert oral and maxillofacial care for patients of all ages in Mount Pleasant, Charleston, and the surrounding islands, including full-arch restoration. At our practice, we utilize Zimmer Biomet® dental implant solutions for their strength, durability, and superior function.

Why Choose Full-Arch Replacement Over Traditional Dentures?

Traditional dentures often come with a host of inconvenient restrictions and can cause discomfort or embarrassment while performing daily activities, such as chewing and speaking. Traditional dentures also need to be replaced as often as every 5 years. Meanwhile, the dental implants that support a permanent denture can last a lifetime.

Benefits of Full-Arch Restoration

Full-arch restoration is a fixed prosthesis that replaces an upper or lower arch of teeth using as little as four dental implants for support.

Full-arch restoration offers many advantages, including:

  • Cost-effective. Since this procedure only requires as few as four dental implants, the cost of treatment is reduced. In addition, a full-arch restoration can last a lifetime, which saves time and money in the long run.
  • Reduced need for bone grafting. The special way the implant posts are placed in the jaw ensures a secure foundation for the prosthesis, often reducing the need for bone grafting.
  • Faster treatment and healing time. The prosthesis can be attached to the implants immediately after placement, so you can be on the fast track to a completely restored smile.

The Full-Arch Restoration Procedure

If you decide that full-arch restoration is for you, Dr. Barefoot will take a dental cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scan of your face and mouth, as well as perform a thorough oral examination. Your treatment will be customized to your needs. You may require tooth extractions before your dental implants can be placed.

On the day of surgery, Dr. Barefoot will administer the anesthesia or sedation and, once you are completely at ease, place the necessary dental implants. In many cases, your final prosthesis can be attached on the same day. We will outline the specifics of your procedure and treatment during your consultation appointment, as well as provide detailed post-operative instructions to guide you through recovery.

Achieve a New, Fully Functioning Smile in Mount Pleasant, SC

The team at Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Specialists South Carolina is committed to excellent patient care in an inviting and state-of-the-art environment. If you are interested in discussing full-arch restoration and are in Charleston, West Ashley, James Island, Johns Island, Daniel Island, Hanahan, Isle of Palms, or Sullivan Island, please contact our office to request a consultation.

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