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Meet Heather

Video Review

Heather followed Dr. Barefoot’s post-operative instructions and her dental implant recovery went very smoothly.

Heather's Story

"My name is Heather, I live in Johns Island, South Carolina, and I had dental implants placed with Dr. Barefoot. His staff is wonderful. The moment that you walk in the front door, the person sitting at the front desk always has a smile, always knows your name. After every surgical procedure with Dr. Barefoot, you’re provided with a written list of post-operative instructions. I followed all of these instructions, and I’m convinced that that’s why my procedures ended so successfully. I feel very confident. I can smile now. I no longer have the anxiety that I had before, and I know that if anything were to happen in the future, I know that I’ll figure it out with Dr. Barefoot and his staff. Overall, I’ve had an absolutely wonderful experience here with Dr. Barefoot and with his staff. I would, and I have, recommended him to several people."

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